Trends in Cosmetics Packaging and Shipping

Beauty and fashion trends tend to change rapidly every season. However, as color schemes and styles come and go, some brand features must remain steady. Although customers want brands with style and innovation, they prefer brands that deliver their products safely on time when they order online. Clearly, cosmetic packaging plays a significant role in every changing industry trends.

Today, customers tend to care about fast, dependable delivery which keeps their orders safe in transit. But, they also desire functional packaging which comes with an aesthetically pleasing unboxing experience. As a matter of fact, a number of studies show that one-third of the buying choices of customers focus on packaging. As a brand owner, this should tell you to incorporate each packaging element your customers demand. In terms of cosmetics packaging and shipping operations, below are the trends:

Sustainable Packaging

In terms of the environment, a lot of buyers are hypersensitive to eliminating waste and choose to buy from brands that provide sustainable products, including sustainable packaging. Demands from customers lie at the center of advances in sustainable practices across all sectors. Customers read labels carefully and search for transparent brands that are committed to protecting the environment. If your company is investigating sustainable practices, look for resourceful innovations in everything from using recycled packaging materials to efficient processes in distribution centers.

Minimalistic Packaging

In terms of packaging, size matters. For primary packaging, a lot of customers prefer single-serve sizes which make it easier to carry products for commuting and traveling. While they prefer convenience, they also need value while feeling they make an environment-friendly choice. Thus, the secondary packaging’s size and amount can also make an impact. This  packaging is the extra packaging inside the box which protects the product during shipping. It includes tape, boxes, void materials, and packaging materials.  Using the packaging with the right size and correct amount of void fill will help businesses reduce waste, save money on weight shipping charges, and demonstrate their commitment to saving the planet.

Secure Packaging

Packaging for cosmetics is designed in a way which contains, preserves, and protects the product form the warehouse to the doorstep of customers. The internet packaging must be easy to open but strong enough to keep its content safe during transit. The exterior packaging should be strong enough to be packaged and shipped while providing a good unboxing experience that cannot be matched by o other packaging solutions.

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