Stopping in NYC for an evening? Make time for these things! 

New York City is one of the most frequented and loved cities in the entire world. If you happen to be in NYC for an evening, it would be wise to make the most of your time, instead of staying cramped in the hotel. Some of the pretty cliché, although fun, ideas would be to visit Times Square or to go out shopping, but we recommend that you try some of these options listed below.

Enjoy at a jazz club

If you think you wouldn’t enjoy jazz, think again. Back in the roaring 20’s, jazz influenced everything, right from literature to art and fashion, and the influence of the genre and the love for it can be enjoyed in NYC in the best form. Jazz clubs in the city run packed even on weekdays, and you will find endless concerts, events all through the year. Book your tickets, reach at least 30 minutes early and find the best possible seat. During happy hours, you can save more on drinks, besides enjoying awesome food!

Try some food in Bleecker Street

Bleecker Street, in Greenwich Village, is one of the best places to try some Italian food, although we know you have heard many things about Little Italy. Italian food in NYC is surprisingly cheap, and believe the experts and locals when they say that it doesn’t have to pinch your pocket hard. If you want to try more than just pizza, check online resources for recommendations to talk to a local foodie for ideas.

Go for TV show taping

Some of the most known and loved TV shows are taped in NYC, and a few like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon are shot in the evening. If your schedule permits, make time for the experience, because for most shows you don’t have to pay anything, but yes, there is often a requirement to reserve in advance. You can ask around for details.

Enjoy bowling

If jazz and food doesn’t interest you, go for bowling, which could be a great way to spend the evening in someone’s company. Take your date or family along for a better experience, and the good thing is most places offer enough options to enjoy beyond bowling, including booze and other activities. If you have a couple of hours at best, this is the ideal experience.

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